Artist: - Tony Mcphee

Venue: - Bassment

Date:- 29th April 07

Mo, Ash and myself trotted up to the Bassment on this Sunday night to see blues legend Tony TS Mcphee. I must admit apart from having a couple of Groundhogs LPís which I got from bootsales I didnít know a lot about him.

We descended the stairs to the club to catch half of the supports act. This was Kris Dollinger, one man and a guitar. I must say I was really impressed, he even bluesed up an old reggae song, Iíll probably find out that it was a blues original but who cares. Kris seemed to make a lot of sound with just a guitar and tapping his foot on a wooden box. It was a shame that more people were not there as it only seemed as though about 30 punters had bothered to turn up.

After Kris was the main event, rock superstar Tony Mcphee. I felt sorry for the man because he was used to playing to sell out arenas and festivals in front of thousands of people with the Groundhogs and other bands. I have a few thoughts on why people do not go to events like this. The kind of blues that I like is 70ís R&B such as Dr Feelgood, 9 below Zero and other such bands. Whenever I go to see them now, there are no youngsters just people in their 40ís and early 50ís. When we are gone will this kind of music die out? So when Tony Mcpee plays most people who were into that British Blues boom of the 60ís are to old or just canít be bothered to turn up. This is easily seen as a lot of the people were over 60 in the audience.

Tony started playing an acoustic set. You could see that the man was good but I think the scarcity of the audience affected him and it just was not quite right. He also had a young lady who sang a few songs as well, she was ok and definitely added to the experience. He then turned to electric guitar and this was also ok but still seemed to have something missing. I didnít know a lot of the songs as this is not my kind of music but I did know "Thank Christ for the bomb." By the end of the set there was not many people left, just us and another 4 who I think were with the support act. He finished with "Groundhog blues," I donít know if it was more supported, whether it would have made a difference. I think it would have but it seemed a bit flat.

I still think the Bassment is an excellent venue and would love to see a top notch Rhythm and Blues band down there as I think it would really rock.

Duncan May07