Oaklands Park Festival Saturday 25th July 2009
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Oaklands Park Festival Saturday 25th July 2009


The question was what to do on  the only fully sunny day we have had in July this year, all my family away and the prospect of household chores.


Sometimes I curse the dog but today she gave me the answer, her favourite radio station is BBC Essex which kept cutting across to Oaklands Park where there was a fun day including 4 bands in tent in the front garden.


Having arranged to meet Maurice there I cycled to the park and started with a tour of the museum including the display of live music in Chelmsford including the Corn Exchange and Chancellor Hall that could have been more complete had they included some of our memorabilia items . One interesting point was the revelation that there use to be a local fire brigade swing band.


So on to the real reason to being at Oaklands music in the tent , we completely missed the first band and arrived to see a solo artist Paul Nichollas he played a number of Cream, Jimi Hendrix and  Free tracks to a tracks to recreate the sounds from the sixty's at the Saturday Scene Corn Exchange. He was formally in a band called Darcy Spice from the late 60s and was very good and set the scene for the rest of the afternoon. The next band on were the winners of Panic Magazine best band 2009, 'The Library Suits'. They are a young 5 piece band from the Chelmsford area. they sang all their own stuff, most of which was on a reasonable priced CD at £3 only problem picture of Gazza in Totts kit on cover still we all have our crosses to bear. My two favourites were '10 years' and the bands anthem 'Life is  a speeding bullet' They were very accomplished and energetic well worth seeing if you get the chance.


Last on was the complete other end of the scale old Chelmsford punk band 'Annarexia' who brought with them there own groupies who some I think have done a few laps of the track my favourite being the guy in the flowery jacket drinking straight from a bottle of Chivas Regal it made Maurice and my bottles of 1664 and San Miguel look really tame. So to the music Annarexia are a band I heard of but I thought were an Urban Myth. They were actualy very good I'm not sure if this was the original lineup but they were to good to be a traditional punk band. I should think they would have been angry young men in there pomp rather then looking sober looking musicians. the songs were quick and catchy including one about drug dealing at Rainsford School, thank god it shutting, and a version of Solid Waste, 'Normal Life' which for me was the highlight of the afternoon, ther was also a bit of pogoing from the audience well at least Maurice, Chivas regal man tand a Rods fan.


An unexpected good afternoon out which was only soured when I fell of my bike at the Vineyards grazing my elbow and brusing my hip but it serves me right for going to the Baddow Club and having more beer with Rat. Roll on the Blockheads and Co in December

youtube link below