November Vinyl & Rarities 2010
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The Regents - 7-teen

This is for my daughter Grace who is seventeen, towards the end of the month. If there is anything that makes you realise that you are getting old, it is seeing your children grow up. This is a great song from a band I don’t know anything about. It was released in 1979 and made the charts. It is a top pop song.

Happy birthday Grace, love Dad

Duncan, November 2010.

The Ohio Players - Fire

For good old Guy Fawkes I am going to dedicate this funk classic from the heyday of funk, 1974. A great song from a group who liked to adorn there album sleeves with beautiful women. I have always loved this group, they play great well produced funk. Funnily enough one of the 60’s songs that they did is one of favourite northern soul songs as well “love, slipped through my fingers.” So try and get down to this one and celebrate one of the first terrorists in British history. Even if he wasn’t a very good one.

Duncan, November 2010

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK

“Its coming sometime” and it,s nearly here now, every time I see the Students including school kids protesting about the tuition fees I think of this record. I am in full support of the Students and there protests and would like to see a few parents join in the action. Nick Clegg popularity has tumbled since the election and many of the Students are very angry with the way he has supported the Tory's in the proposed rise in fees due in 2012.

From the classic LP “Never Mind The Bollocks” Anarchy In The UK that was also released as a single on EMI. I never had the 7” the only person who I knew had that rare EMI disc was Barry Magowan. He obtained the record one evening when we were out at the Ship (Broomfield Road)disco on a Thursday evening back in 1976, when the DJ was asked if he had a copy. The DJ said he did and that it was a load of crap and gave it to Barry.

The Sex Pistols played Chelmsford Prison in 1976, I saw them in Brixton in 2007, click on bollocks image to play.

Maurice Hyde November 2010

Harvey - Me And The Boys
Here’s a song and group that I don’t think many people will have heard of before. A mate of mine at work used to be in this group and he gave me a homemade CD of Harvey and the other band he was in Lump. As far as I can gather they were a Southern London outfit from the early 90’s and they have a Wellery, moddy sound which sometimes sound like Oasis. I must admit the production is not the best but I like these bands and when they come up on my Ipod they have a distinct sound which I can always recognise.

The reason I have picked this song for November as is it reminds me a bit of my school days. While they were not the happiest days of my life, they certainly were fun sometimes. Not like today when you have children as young as 13 who feel they have to demonstrate against the government about the obscene rises in further education. It’s a shame the way kids have to grow up to quickly now. I can remember at my school the only bit of civil disobedience that I can recall was when the girls walked out, because they was not allowed to wear trousers like the boys in the winter. They were told to come back in and they did.

I hope the youngsters can get some sort of result on the tuition fees, or else I feel we could be going back to the good old Victorian values of only the rich having a proper education. Anyway enjoy the lost sounds of Harvey and reminisce about a crafty fag in the toilets and when getting the cane was a badge of honour.

Duncan, November 2010

Richard Hell and the Void Oids - Blank Generation
Keeping on with the education theme, my next song is from the man who was supposed to be Malcolm Mclaren’s first choice as lead singer of the Sex Pistols, Richard Hell. This New Yorker, who is always on the tele every time a Punk programme is on, telling all and sundry that punk originally came from CBGB’s. It’s probably true but what he doesn’t realise is that the British scene was better.

Anyway, back to the song. This is how I feel our youth could end up, none of them willing to go to University with the crippling charges, and in the economic climate we are in, no guarantee of a job at the end of it. I am a great believer in protest but not in the violence that could have seen a copper being killed at Millbank tower, but if you protest just with a few placards and posters, who is going to take any notice of you. Look what the French do or the Poll tax riots.

So good luck to the students and hopefully we can have a porno theme next month so I can do there other great hit “Love comes in spurts,”

Duncan, December 2010