November Vinyl & Rarities
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Sex Pistols Holidays In The Sun 1977 Virgin VS 191 Picture Cover

Already half way through the month and my e bay bids have been unsuccessfully so I have chosen a vinyl from my personal collection and as its 20 years since The Berlin Wall came down I've gone for the Sex Pistols banned picture cover Holidays In the Sun. The start sounds like The Jam's “in the city” but Johnny Rotten said they never copied it of the Jam! They had it first.

My father hated this record, he was a communist and the only bloke at the time in Chelmsford who could speak Russian. “turn that idiot off” he would say, the reason been was we had lots of holidays in eastern Europe and Barry Magowan would sing to me “cheapholidays in other peoples misery” I think he was just jealous at the time as I had travelled all over Europe and many eastern block countries were he had only been to Clacton On Sea in his Dads caravan for his holiday.

My sister and I are convinced to this day that my dad was a spy, he spent many months away in the USSR meeting with government officials and touring the whole of Russia. Our telephone was tapped as every time me and me sister were on the phone you could here this tapping noise and a hollow sound when you spoke. One of my father friends who had been to our house was arrested and convicted sent to prison as for spying. Our daily newspaper was the Morning Star the only copy delivered in Baddow, we had a Larda motor car that all and all my mates took the piss, but my dad loved it.

So back to the record, the picture cover was banned as it used artwork from a well known travel brochure without permission but I managed to get a copy after hunting all over Chelmsford for it and was surprised to find it in Debenhams or was it called BONDS then. The B side is Satellite that also apperas om a live CD recorded live at Chelmsford Prison on 17.09.76 a special concert for inmates only.


Maurice Nov 2009

Siouxsie Banshees Nocturne Double Live LP 1983
To start the month of I have selected Siouxsie and the Banshees LP Nocturne that I recently purchased on ebay for the sum of £1.99p, not a bad price considering its a double Vinyl. This is a live album recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in 1983 and the track I have selected to play is the hit single Israel. Having seen Siouxsie at the Chancellor Hall in the 70s, The Odeon in the 80s and at the V festival in 2008 I was happy to add this Lp to my collection and reminisce those early punk days in 1977.


The Jimmy Castor Bunch, Itís just begun

This takes me back to the original music of my youth because this rock music fan enjoyed grooving to Reggae, Soul and Funk in my school days. I must admit I still prefer a bit of syrupy early 70’s soul to most other forms of music, not live, but to listen to. This is a bit of good old funk with a superb album cover. I remember seeing the Jimmy Castor Bunch on the Old Grey Whistle Test doing “Bertha Butt Boogie,” another good album. “It’s just begun” is the title track to the LP of the same name. There are plenty of other good tunes on this album such as “Troglodyte” and “Better be good”. This is proper funk, not your rubbish jazz funk stuff. So if you like your rhythm with flares, big collars to your shirt and your girls in hotpants, have a listen to this.

Duncan November 09

Wreckless Eric, Whole Wide World

For starters what a great name for a pop star. I can remember reading about Wreckless in about 1977 in the NME or Sounds. The article reckons that he played his guitar using strings from the brake cables on a push bike. A load of old rubbish. but I half believed it at the time. But what was true was that he brought out one of the best love songs of the 70’s. With a great openining line of “When I was a young boy, my mother said to me, theres only one girl in the world for you and she probably lives in Tahiti.” Sounds crap but it works. It wasn’t punk or pop but something in between.

I find this just a great song of the Stiff label and it’s another one of those from that era where the bside was just as good as the aside, the moody Semaphore Signals. Check them both out, you won’t be dissapointed.

Duncan Nov 09




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