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Loving Awareness Band - The Vibes Inside. Click on image to play

Loving Awareness

This track - The Vibes inside - from "The Loving Awareness Band" is such a beautiful piece of music. No other radio stations that I remember ever played their music, so my memories of hearing the "The Loving Awareness Band" are always associated with Radio Caroline and long hot sunny days along the Suffolk Coast.

This is the magic of......"Loving Awareness"

Mark May 2010

The Four Seasons - Silver Star. Click on image to play

Reading Marks review of the Loving Awareness band brought memories flooding back of Radio Caroline in the 70’s. I remember listening on a Sunday where listeners put forward their top 20 tracks and as it was a rock station they were in 2 hour slots, as the songs were the longer album tracks. The trouble was that the top 3 always consisted of “Stairway to Heaven” “Layla” and “Freebird” in no paticular order. Those old hippies had a lot of imagination. Still Caroline was great even though you could only hear it on medium wave, the signal was always fading in and out. It got me into groups like Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Quick Silver Messenger Service and Jefferson Airplane. I think that is why I liked it as it seemed to be living in another era, playing music that was about 7 or 8 years old from the Woodstock generation. That’s probably not true but it how it seemed from my memories.

I can recall when I knew that the dream had finished and the station was on the way out, was when I went fishing at the waterworks one afternoon with a little transister radio, they were playing the Clash and the Stranglers. Don’t get me wrong I much prefer these groups to most of the stuff that Caroline played, but it didn’t fit in with being played along side Country Joe and the Fish. I never listened to it again.

Anyway the track I have selected is Silver Star by The Four Seasons. I don’t think I have heard this played anywhere else and is a favourite of mine. It always reminds me of Caroline (the radio, not Durham, honest Ash).

Peace brothers and love the one your with,

Duncan May 2010

Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up. Click on image to play

Sometimes in life things happen and you can have horrible nasty vindictive people who lie about you, when this happens you need to do just what Bob Marley says.. “Get Up Stand Up” and if you do justice will win through, so never give up the fight. This song is dedicated to my friends Richie and Charlie Brown living in the Banjul in the Gambia.

Maurice Hyde May 2010

UPP - Give It To You. Click on image to play

The track is - Give it to you - taken from the stonking 1975 Vinyl LP - UPP - by the band UPP . Jeff Beck produced it and he plays on it. His use of the voice box on this album shows that he really knows how to use it. Jeff had no credits shown on the album cover for his contribution. The album is an orgy of 70s Rock-Jazz Fusion, Funk Soul & Blues and needs to be listened to several times to really appreciate what's going on. A follow up album named - This Way UPP - was just amazing.

Mark. May 2010

The Temptations - Balls of Confusion . Click on image to play

It’s really hard trying to get a record for the forthcoming election, mainly because there are so many to choose from. I have decided on 2 and this is the first of them.

The Temptations are probably my most favourite group ever and have done one of my top 3 songs of all times. Not this one though, I will save that one for another time. What people don’t realise is that as well as being one of the tightest vocal and best choreographed groups of all time, the Temps also had a large social conscience which included songs about Poverty, Drugs and the Vietnam war. So being mentioned in the song inequality, taxes, war, children growing up to quickly and crooked politicians (some things never change). I am sure that these topics will strike a chord with voters as they did 40 years ago when this record charted.

So I hope who you vote for deliver everything you desire, Duncan May 2010

Tom Robinson Band - Power In The Darkness. Click on image to play

Tom Robinson wrote many a political song and this album includes many, “long Hot summer, To Good To Be true, up against the wall and the winter of 79” are all included. The band played the Chelmsford Rock club in the late 70s and I saw the at Victoria Park London April 1978 during the Rock Against Racism rally that finished with a concert with The Clash, X Ray Spex,TRB and Steel Pulse.

The UK was going through hard times when this LP came out just like today. The track I have selected is the title track “Power In The Darkness” that start with the lyrics

"Power in the darkness
Frightening lies from the other side
Power in the darkness
Stand up and fight for your rights"


Always fight for for rights, Maurice Hyde May 2010

Smiling Faces - The Undisputed Truth. Click on image to play

This is my second song for the election. It’s another early 70’s Motown track from another of my favourite bands. This song for some reason has been wrongly credited by a lot of people over the internet by Stax group, the very fine Dramatics. This is not the original as this was done by the Temptations which is 12 minutes long, but the 7 inch version was released by the Truth.

I think this is a wonderful song and has to be in the Paranoid top 10 of all time. It perfectly describes politicians who have “smiling faces, show no traces, of the evil that lurks within.” It could be anyone of them. I always think of this song during my normal life. It’s probably not a bad way to think of people when you first meet them, as it seems everyone is trying to rip you off in some way or another (there you are I am getting just as paranoid as everyone else).

So remember “smiling faces sometimes, they don’t tell the truth.”

Duncan May 2010

Bob Dylan Maggies Farm. Click on Maggie to play.

To celebrate the Conservative victory in the election, I have picked “Maggies Farm” as I was a bit upset when I found out the tories had got power again with their minions from the Lib-Dems. To be fair they will probably be ok this time around (I hope so anyway). But who can forget watching News at Ten on a Friday night seeing the unemployment queues getting longer, when they announced this or that company were laying of so many thousands of people, but the local post office was taking on 2 part time workers. The party that decimated British industry, stuffed the unions (the only people who stood up for us), the party that had Brit, fighting Brit on the picket line, who caused whole villages and towns to fall into ghettos, who brought in poll tax, invented the me, myself and I society and stuff the rest of you, who made sure that any of your children could not have their own house as they sold of most of the council stock (how many of these are owned by buy to let merchants?), started off the decline in education and helth service. I could rant on for ages as I remember the 80’s. I should have done one for Nick Clegg but I can’t be arsed, so your not getting “I’m your puppet” by James and Bobby Purify.

The song was covered quite a lot in the 80’s, most notably by Nine Below Zero, but here is the original by Bod Dylan.

So remember “I don’t wanna work on Maggies Farm” and instead of no more we should put in again.

Duncan, May 2010

Street Bizarre - Itís a normal Life.
This is an old Punk single that I have in my collection, where it came from I have not got a clue. It’s the same song that Chelmsford Punk band Solid Waste did and Anorexia, also from Chelmsford have done. It’s a good song and I have seen Solid Waste who did the original back in the 70’s. Not being a punk expert, I wonder if anyone could shed some light on the connections, if any.

Duncan May10

the Undertones - Here Comes The Summer . Click on ticket to play.

It was the 3rd of June 1979 when I saw the Undertones at the Chancellor Hall but I seem to think I saw them before at this venue. Did the Undertones play Chelmsford twice or is my memory starting to fail me now. There's one thing I do remember and that was the excellent performance from Fergal Sharkie and his school chum pals in the band, all the way from Derry in Northern Ireland. Properly one of the best gigs I have ever seen in Chelmsford, such high energy tracks with brilliant vocals sent the audience into a dance/pogo frenzy. Here comes the summer a short one and a half minute punk tune I have chosen the song on this hot day so I can forget all the boring political stuff we have all have to endure and looking forward to long hot summer days ahead.

Oh baby baby what can I do
You know you drive me crazy when I'm looking at you
The summer's really here and it's time to come out
Time to discover what fun is about

Here comes the summer
Here comes the summer
Here comes the summer
Keep looking for the girls with their faces all tanned
Lying on the beaches all covered in sand
Stretching out their long legs lying in the sun
They know they're beautiful they're having fun

Here comes the summer

Maurice June 2010