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Max Wall - England's Glory. Click On Image To Play.

This song is for our brave boys who are going to do battle with Johnny Foreigner, on the playing fields of South Africa. I know we have all been here before, for the biggest letdowns in history, the England Football Team. It wasn’t so bad when we had the hooligan problem, we always seemed to win those ones. But the football team. The problem is I am a bit to young to remember the 1966 side win, but I recall vividley playing West Germany in 1970, Poland in 73, Argentina in 86, Germany in Italia 90 (Colin nearly broke his hand, punching a lamp post out side the Carpenters after that one) and Germany in 96 at Wembley, I was at that one. We always seemed to be near but never close enough. I have picked this tune as it shows all that makes our country great and can hopefully spur our lads onto victory. Who can not resist a song that has the line,

Frankie Howard, Noel Coward, Garden gnomes- Frankie Vaughn, Kenneth Horne and Sherlock Holmes” and also mentions “Winkles, Woodbines and Walnut whips” in the same line. This was on the legenendary Stiff record label by old school comedian Max Wall, doing this Ian Dury composition. If they play this before we meet USA in the opening game we can’t lose.


I will have my flag hanging out of my window on June the 12th


Duncan June 10

Steve Foster Pilkington In The Town Of Forgotten Talent. Click On Image To Play.

I first met Steve at the Beehive Pub in Great Baddow when I asked him why he kept playing Joe Jackson's Steppin Out on the Jukebox. Every time the song came on he would be sitting on his own shaking his head and tapping his feet along to the beat. The reason was Steve was signed to Joe Jacksons management company that afforded him the opportunity to record backing tracks that facilitated the live act.

We spoke about his musical talents and the Landlord at the time who I think was called “Brian”was interested ,and agreed to let Steve play one evening

He played the Beehive in Baddow several times, the first time he teamed up with a local guy on vocals playing covers of old hits . But Steve had a slot on his own and he was a man with many talents in fact he had written some political songs at the time one of witch I remember was “Cruise Missiles”. Playing guitar and violin in very energetic , crazy, unique and original style the audience were watching on in complete amazement to this style of play.

After this Steve went on write many brilliant songs and played solo at the Snifters wine bar on a regular basis and by then had built up a fan base following. He would record all the back ground music to his songs in a bedroom studio then play live with violin or guitar along to the tapped backing sounds. I personally think that some of the music was apparently brilliant and way ahead of it's time. I once saw him play at the Army & Navy, this was the best I had ever seen him.

Steve still does live in Chelmsford and often plays St Ann Castles in Great Leighs but has been touring all over from The Isle Of Arren to Penzance playing four time a week.

I bought this vinyl 12” single when it was released in 1986, the B side is “The Last Tango” Coincidently Steve is currently re recording “In 'The Town Of Forgotten Talent” nearly 25 years on.

You can find his new web site at www.stevefp.com .

A new single is due out on the 30th June, a re-recording of “She Wants To Be A Wag” read Duncan's review at http://chelmsfordrocks.com/custom2.html .

Maurice June 2010

Sam Gopal - Midsummer Nights Dream. Click On Image To Play.

Yes , that’s right, the longest day of the year is coming up. You know what that means, summer is on the decline and its all down hill till Christmas as the days get shorter. I do enjoy the 21st of June, I am not a druid, but I have spent many happy evenings fishing until nearly 10 o’clock at night without lights catching Bream and Tench.

The record I have chosen is by the 60’s group Sam Gopal. I don’t know much about them, only that Lemmy of Hawkwind and Motorhead fame played with them. The song is a typical English psychadelic rock tune. I wish I had the vinyl, but it’s a bit out of my price range. This track comes frpm a compilation CD “Cries from the Midnight Circus” “the Labrooke Grove Scene” This is a great CD, there are quite a few bands that I know on here and have stuff by, such as the Pretty Things, Cochise, The Misunderstood, Larry Wallis and Skin Alley. There a few bands I have heard off , but have never heard and some that I didn’t know existed such as Judy Grind and High Tide. If you like late 60’s, early 70’s rock music, I really recommend this double CD as I don’t think there is a duff track on it.

Duncan June 10

Yvonne Fair - It should have been me. Click on Theo tp play.

Oh dear, poor old Theo, I wonder what he must have thought about not being picked for England. I wonder if he picked the Sun newspaper up today, saw all the happy shiny people on the steps to the plane and hummed this classic Tamla tune to himself, appreciating the fine vocals on this 1975 hit. Probably not.

Duncan June 10

Lew Lewis Reformer - Lucky Seven, Click on image to play.

This is the song that caused Wilko Johnson to leave Dr Feelgood due to it;s inclusion on the Sneakin Suspicion LP . I first saw Lew Lewis at the First Ever Punk festival at Chelmsford Football ground 1n sept 1977 (city rock 77) I'm pretty sure he performed the song live then, the festival was hosted by the late John Peel artist's included Eddie And The Hot Rods (Lew Lewis was once a member of this band), Slaughter And The Dogs, Doctors Of Madness, Solid Waste, Asward, Glory, Fruit Eating,Bears & Chelsea. The Damned were supposed to have been the headline act but pulled out due to poor tickets meant they would not be paid.

This single was released in 1978 on Stiff Records, B side “Night Talk”

Lew Lewis recently performed live at the Lee Brilleaux memorial with Wilko Johnson. In May 2010.


Maurice Hyde June 2010

Eater - Thinking of the USA

For our forthcoming match against the mighty United States of America, I have picked a single out of my Punk box. I bought it from Chelmsford market back in the 70’s when it came out. There was a fella on there who sold a lot of more obscure Punk singles, most of which you couldn’t get from the bigger record shops. So hopefully this should bring us some luck against the land of drive by shootings and syrup pancakes, with bacon on for breakfast. What do you say Richard and Julian??

Duncan, June 10

Rich Kids - Rich Kids- Click on Clown to play TOTP video (One of our brave boys practising his ball skills)

I dedicate this song to our wonderfull football team who managed a hard fought draw (without breaking a sweat), with mighty Algeria, who had players who have turned out for Crewe in their team. I hate the world cup, it’s always the same. Especially now we have found our Englishness, draped in our crosses of Saint George. Driving through inner city estates where I work, they are covered in red and white. But as usual our team let us down and don’t put in any effort and go out in a whimper. Therfore the name of Glen Matlocks band after he left the Pistols,who inspired the name powerpop fits the bill for these overpayed spoilt children. It’s a shame they never done a song called “I don’t give a Shit” because this would sum them up perfectley.

It could be worse though, we could have been Scottish.

Duncan, June 2010

Style Council - Walls Come Tumbling Down. Click on image to play video.
Finding a song for Slovenia, our next opponents, is pretty hard, so since this jewel of the Adriatic and former part of Yugoslavia has only prospered since coming out of the folds of the iron curtain with the fall of the Berlin wall. So one of Paul Weller’s better tunes with the Style Council, here is “Walls come tumbling down” should hopefully fit the bill. It’s a shame were playing on the Wednesday and not the following Friday as this is Slovenia’s national day (I have got to get out more).


Let’s hope they don’t prosper too much, against Heskey and co in South Africa or else our walls will cave in. Or perhaps the way we are playing it should be walls come crumbling down.

Duncan, June 10

The Ramones - Blitzkreig Bop. Click on "Jones" to play.
For our forthcoming match with the old enemy this Sunday I have picked one of our German mate’s hobbies from the late 30’s. The Blitzkreig, mind you though this was when they were a little less politically correct. Let’s hope that the German’s do not have a lightning war against us in South Africa and do a smash and grab. I hope I do not see history repeat it self as I was at the Euro 96 semi against the Huns. It still hurts now, so let’s hope our boys think of our green and pleasant land and put them to the sword, remember “they don’t like it up em.”


So for the sake of Churchill, Captain Mannering, the boys from it aint half hot mum and all of our lads in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let’s do it

Hey Ho Let’s Go. Duncan Egleton, June 2010

The Lurkers - Aint Got A Clue. Click on Frank to paly.
Where do you start, England are still playing Germany and I can’t be arsed to watch any more. I was going to pick a Johnny Cash which has in the lyrics hang your head in shame, but the Lurkers track is more bouncy and hopefully make me feel better. It’s a song dedicated to our shameful team (David James apart), our two clowns as centre backs, perhaps not Upson because we knew he was no good anyway. But self appointed Mr England, the serial sex addict who thinks he should be captain, John Terry, what are these people on. Wayne Rooney, no effort and the list could go on.

Then you have that sap Septic Bladder, the only man in FIFA who thinks that there should be no goal line technology. Not that Lampards non-goal would have any difference. The ref not seeing it. All of them inept.

What about Capello taking off Defoe for the destructive power of sharp shooting Heskey. Still it dosn’t matter because our brave lads will at least get a decent holiday in which ever exclusive resort they want to go to. It hardly matters about the lads who have gone out to support them and spent all of their hard earned dough, which some probably couldn’t afford, because they are only fans. I bet they feel like playing another Lurkers song “Cyanide”

So FA, Blatter, dodgy ref, Capello and overpayed spoilt pampered players you should all hang your head in shame and listen to the song, because you really havn't got a clue.

Duncan June 2010