Gregg Kiss And The Feral Cats - Hope
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Artist: Greg Kiss And The Feral Cats

Title: Hope


A CD from the lead singer of 4ft Pimp, who if you read my reviews you will know I like very much. This album has a lot of the Pimps hard rock tinges but also is more mellow in places using a variety of musical influences, from the rocking "Tripped and Fell" (Typical Pimp) to the Country styled "This Time."

There is a great diversity of music on here acoustic tracks such as "The five of Diamonds" and the spooky "Something isn’t Right." This is a superb CD which I can’t recommend highly enough. Great song writing and playing, Greg has a good rock and roll voice and has surrounded himself with some great musicians.

The whole LP is good but stand out tracks for me are "Sickened," "Something isn’t right," The atmospheric "Little" and my favourite the title track "Hope." This is how a good record should be, slow starting with a fast bit in the middle. I may not be a muso but I know what I like and this it.




Title: Simple Pleasures Drastic Measures


Artist: 4ft Pimp


A new eagerly awaited EP from 4ft Pimp. The more I hear their music, the more I like them. Out of all the bands that we have sent to us, to review and play on the radio station, this is one of the only groups that I keep on my IPOD. They play very powerful hard rock which seems to have its own unique sound. This is demonstrated on the first track "Great Aunt Anaconda". A grand track which has great guitar riffs and what I think every good rock band should have keyboards. The second track "No Ball Games" just as good as the first and reminds me in the latter stages a bit of Deep Purple with the guitar and organ battling together.

The final track is one I have heard before "Shotgun Paradise". This is a speeded up version and is guaranteed to have you shaking your hair (if I had any left). The only problem if this describes sunny Southend, it’s changed a lot since those halcyon days at Zero 6 on a Saturday night in my youth.

All in all another great slice of Seaside Rock played well with conviction and humour, very highly recommended BUY IT.

Duncan, Feb 2006


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