December Vinyl's & Rarities
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Penetration – Moving Targets.


I never saw Penetration at the Chancellor Hall that Sunday night 13th May 1978 and that was probably because I was at the Rock Club. You see the problem was that there were two venues in Chelmsford hosting gigs on Sunday nights, The Chancellor Hall and the Rock Club at Chelmsford City FC. However I have now a copy of the Debut LP from Penetration a Punk band from County Durham formed in 1976 with Pauline Murray on lead vocals. The band were named after an Iggy pop song and this LP makes the Guardian 1000 albums to here before you die.

I was lucky enough to win this on ebay for the price of £2.99 including P&P, the Album is defiantly a Punk Classic with good constant tracks right through the LP. It includes an excellent version of Patti Smiths Free Money but the tracks I have chosen to play are Future Daze and Life's A Gamble that was also released as a single. I like the cover of this LP by Russell Mills and Robert Mason that features some nice art work and design, a must for all vinyl record collectors.

Maurice December 2009

The Brogues - I aint no miracle worker


This is the first track that I have put forward for our new venture that I do not own on vinyl. I have a CD with it on and have no shame in including it on a vinyl and rarities page. This is because if CD’s are not included we miss out on a wealth of music that I could never hope to own, or afford. This track is a case in question. I can still remember when I first heard this song. It was in Reckless Records at Upper St in Islington in the late 80’s, the shop is sadly no longer there but I spent many happy hours there thumbing through the second hand records and CD’s whilst I was supposed to be working. I once bought a CD single of Fools Gold by the Stone Roses with the 9 minute version on it, I think it was 50p. Anyway this song came of a compilation album called Pebbles, it had some great names of groups and titles of tracks. It was in the same vein as the Nuggets series, if you know that one. The whole album was full of American garage punk bands, some psychadelic, but most RnB. The Brogues song is a simple but great tune and is one of my all time favourites. I have even used it in an argument with one of my ex bosses who expected something impossible, I said you want Limmy and the family cooking (you can do magic), but I’m in the Brogues camp (I aint no miracle worker). He didn’t understand it and as he liked Queen still didn’t understand when I explained it to him. This song is a great one for a young band to cover and apparently the Pistols have done it, but I havn’t heard it.

Hope you enjoy it Duncan December 09

The Soul Children, The Sweeter He Is

I bought this song along with some Philly and Invicta demo’s from a second hand record shop in Seven Kings, Ilford about 15 years ago. The shop mainly dealt in soul music and was sadly shutting down. I bought a tenners worth at about 50p a single. This was the only Stax track I could find that I didn’t have in this bargain bucket.

I have used a CD version because the single is in 2 parts, side 1 and 2. This version gives you it, in all of its syrupy, gospelly glory and I feel is high quality soul music. At the moment this style of Soul is my favourite, late sixties to early seventies, sweet music. It’s no surprise to me that this type of vinyl is now very hard to get hold of and commands a good price.

Hope you enjoy it Duncan, December 09

Slaughter & The Dogs - Mystery Girl

They played at the first ever Punk Festival in Chelmsford the Band are Slaughter and The Dogs I was 16 years old dressed in all my punk gear,. An old school blazer ripped and torn with lines of safety pins attached, old drain pipe jeans with hanging chains, DM sprayed silver the same as I has sprayed and spiked up my hair.. It was at Chelmsford City FC ground the whole event was hosted by John Peel on a dry September Saturday afternoon in 1977. On the bill were Doctors of Madness, Solid Waste, Lew Lewis Band, Asward, Fruit Eating bears, Glory and The Damned. Is all I can remember of Slaughter and the Dogs was that when they came on they through out into the crowd hundreds of SAD badges, and played a good raw punk set.

the Damned never played because they were not going to be paid as where no other artist as the thousands of punks expected never turned up. The stage was been dismantled during performances as the scaffolding stage erecter decided if he wasn't going to be paid he would take the stage down. Anglia TV took some footage and announced the problems stating that the door staff had gone home and anyone good now get in for free. Mark Susan and John Harrison who are mates of mine turned up after watching the Anglia News .

Back to the record that I paid £3.00 for it on ebay including pp. Its a live LP recorded at the Elizabethan Room in Manchester 1978.This is a good example of raw punk at the time and the track I have selected to play is called Mystery Girls.

Maurice December 2009

Johnny Johnson and the Band Wagon - Breakin’ down the walls of heartache

I know it’s not rare but this is my stab at a topical record. I have picked this one in tribute to one of rocks most miserable albums of all time, and definitely the dourest film ever made. Yes that’s right its 30 years since Pink Floyd produced the Wall. Don’t get me wrong, I like Floyd and spent many happy times in my youth listening to Wish You Were Here in Harry’s camper van, in Cornwall. Boy was we surfer hippies.

I used to work in Islington and the Pink Floyd studios were in Britannia Row, anybody who knows me, knows that I work for BT. Anyway I was working outside their studios and the children they used in Another Brick in the Wall came from my dads old school, Islington Green, which is just around the corner. The kids were being filmed for the video, which if you have seen it, they are running around blocks of flats. They filmed me loads of times as I was sitting right outside their entrance but never put me in the video. Perhaps this is why I can’t stand this album and it leaves me comfortably numb. If you are going to knock down a wall I would rather do it the Johnny Johnson way, any song that says “I’m the carpenter of love and affection” has my vote.

Duncan December 09

Wally, debut LP Wally

Wally played the Chancellor hall Chelmsford in 1975 to what has been described as a brilliant concert. Most people who I have spoke to have never heard of the band but that's maybe because they were just to young witch is unfortunate as I think all serious music fans should have a copy of this LP in there collection. In 1974 the first of two LPs was released. If you like Barclay James Harvest, Pink Floyd, and Yes to name a few I am sure you would like this LP. Produced by Bob Harris and Rick Wakeman who took the band under there wing as they were judges in a Melody maker competition and managed by Brian Lane who also managed Yes. the album has a slight country influence with occasional use of Steel guitar.

They made an appearance on The Old Grey Whistle test performing the first track on this LP “The Martyr and this is the track I have selected . I was lucky enough to buy the LP on ebay for £3.27p including P&P , a real gemm to add to my vinyl collection. Rather than play from the “The Martyr from the Lp I have added the OGWT video from 1974 for you to view.

Maurice December 2009 (thanks to Mark for history information)


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