September Vinyl's & Rarities, Cars On Vinyl.
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 A good mate of ours “Nick Bound” has just got his Ford Consul motor car on the road, so to mark the occasion we are featuring Cars on vinyl for this months theme.

John Otway - The Highwayman . Click on image to play

The car on this cover is a Morris Minor and is the first car that I owned. Not a nice red one with a soft top like this one but an old blue one. It was made in 1958 and was older than me, it cost £100 and I sold it for a tenner. If you was choosing an Otway track about cars “Jet Spotter of the Track” would be a good one, but it’s not on this album. The Highwayman is a good song though and is typical Otway. I am sure it is not one of his compositions, but an old poem from years ago. Anyway enjoy it

Duncan September 2010

The Blues Brothers-Original Soundtrack

A cult films of the 80's and one I quite often play when Andrea as a night out. It has the feel good factor from start to finish even though it has the tried and tested 'Angels With Dirty Faces' bad boys turn hero storyline. The car on the cover is an 1974 Dodge ex Mount Prospect Cop car with a cop motor, cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks, all for the price of a microphone. Every track is superb and the album is not only easy listening but is great at parties. My favourite track on the album/film is Ray Charles and 'Shake Your Tailfeather' (CLICK ON IMAGE TO PLAY) mainly for the dance routine on the film. Not the normal stuff played on Chelmsford Rocks but buckle up, turn up the volume and remember 'It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses' Enjoy

Colin September 2010

Little Bob Story - Baby

Another car influenced album. The cover shows the band coming out of an old motor. I love this band and as far as I know they are the only decent group to come out of France. The album is a good one, lots of rock and roll, R&B. I have quite a few of their LP’s and I don’t think that one of the tracks is in French. They were billed as a punk band, and were about the same time as a lot our fledgling punk bands. I don’t think they were punk but they did play the Chelmsford Rock club in the 70’s and skirted on the edge of that movement. This album was recorded on the Legendary Chiswick label in 1977. Enjoy it,

Duncan 2010

London Town - Light of the World. Click on image to play.

Yet another album with a car on it. I didn’t believe how hard it would be to find them in my collection. But I was lucky enough to find this one, Second Tip. I have picked London Town, perhaps it should be the theme to the 2012 Olympics. Normally it’s up in the loft with god knows how many, as I only keep records that I am listening to down stairs, but I got this one out for my wife Lee a couple of weeks ago as she enjoys it. It’s a cool piece of British Jazz funk which I think has a lot more charm than the American stuff that we usually hear. It’s a great summery piece of music which takes you for a gentle stroll around the greatest city in the world.

Chill out, Duncan, September 2010

Steel Pulse - Ku Klux Klan. Click on image to play.

Another one of my wife’s favourites and luckily enough the album “Handsworth Revolution,” has a picture of an old knackered Beetle on the cover. Ku Klux Klan is a great song that possibly only a black person could sing. I bought this as a single when it came out and it always reminds me of listening to John Peel after 10 at night and brings back good memories. If I can remember rightly they were never accepted as being a proper reggae band as they didn’t come from Jamaica, but Birmingham. Bob Marley was treated the same when he was up and coming in Jamaica because he was half caste. Just listen to this track, it is a great protest song and has a good vibe. So skank away,

Duncan, 2010.

The Smiths - Singles Box. - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.

Although I do not have this box set of singles, I have most of the tracks listed on other albums and in my humble opinion the best Smiths track by far is 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now'. Although a number of great bands orignated from Manchester along with the Buzzcocks these are the best. This track released in 1984 I thought was a breath of fresh air with Morriseys stage presence, original dancing and his Gladioli's. The song and lyrics seemed to sum up his persona and I think everyone can relate to the words, 'I was happy in the haze of a druken hour, but heaven knows I'm miserable now' So enjoy and be ready to feel sorry for yourself.

Colin September 2010.

Allman Brothers Wipe The Windows Check Te Oil Dollar Gas

Looking through my record collection for cars on vinyl I came across this LP from The Allman Brothers band., but not sure what make of car this is. The album is a double LP recorded live at various locations in the USA and was recorded over a three year period from 1972. I must have bought this album in about 1975 as I became to like the music after much air play on Radio Caroline, that played album tracks all through the night. Track listing Wasted Words, Southbound, Ramblin Man,In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed, (my selection click on image to play) Ain't Wastin' Time No More , Come And Go Blues, Cant Lose What You Never Had,Don't Want You Know More, Its Not My Cross To Bear and the theme tune to BBC TVs Top Gear Jessica.

 Maurice Hyde September 2010

ZZ Top Eliminator

The first time I saw these guys on television was on the brilliant channel 4 live TV show “The Tube” that started at 4pm on a Friday afternoon and went on untill late Friday evening. Hosted by Jools Holland, Paula Yates, Leslie Ash and Muriel Grayand running 5 seasons from Nov 1982 until 1987, this was music television at its best. When I saw ZZ top performing “Gimme All Your Lovin” I new I wanted to buy that LP. This track was soon to be covered by local Essex band “The Hamsters” who used to play regularly at Sniffters Wine Bar and Mid Essex Tech students bar, to this day they still perform a ZZ Top set . I think the car on the cover of this album is a 1932 Ford Coupe, click on image to play track.

Maurice Hyde September 2010

Lew Lewis Reformer -Win Or Lose

Looking through my 45s looking for cars on vinyl I found Lew Lewis Reformer single “Win Or Lose” that features the same car, six colours on the picture sleeve. We last saw lew Lewis play live at the Lee Brilleaux memoral in Canvey May 2010, previous to that we saw him live at “City Rock” 1977 the first Punk festival ever. Not that Lew Lewis was a Punk more pub rock R&B I would say . After many years of health problems including a Prison term that should have never been, I understand that Lew Lewis is now on the mend and has recently played a gig in Rochord, I would love to see him play live again soon.

Maurice Hyde September 2010

Jo Jo Gunne

This is Jo Jo Gunne's self titled album from 1972 and feature the hit single Run Run Run. . The LP featuring cover features all 4 band members in the front of a hippie looking type car , please email us if you can identify the vehicle. I was given this album by a old friend who saw our 'Cars On Vinyl' feature and insisted I should add it to my collection. The banded reformed in 2005 and released there 5th album titled 'Big Chain', 31 years on since there last LP. Click on image to play 'Run Run Run'

Maurice Hyde September 2010

10cc - How Dare You

This is the 4th LP from 10CC and was released in 1976 and includes two hit singles 'Art for Art's Sake' and my favourite 10CC track 'I'm Mandy Fly Me' A song about a love drug known as 'Mandies' try me fly me, the songs tempo changes as the drug slows the heart and speeds up again. I have never been a great fan of 10cc but have always liked this LP that I picked up in a job lot at a boot sale some years ago. Looks like an MG  on the front cover.

Maurice September 2010

Hot Chocolate - Cicero Park

Hot Chocolate famous for being  a band who have had hits in the 70's, 80's 90's and 00's are normally a little bit soppy for me (a mate of mine from work as got the famous malteaser in the mouth tattoo'd on his shoulder, another drunken exploit) with tracks such has 'It started with a kiss' 'Emma' 'You sexy thing' although Erroll BROWN had a decent soulful voice. They always remind me of Meadgate School Disco's from the 70's, God now I'm showing my age. I picked up this album in a charity shop for no more than £1 and just filed it away with the other albums, I then came across it when looking for albums with cars on the cover. Most of the tracks on the album are as I remember Hot Chocolate listenable but nothing out of the ordinary then until I got 'FUNKY ROCK n ROLL' my favourite on the album which is a bit more gritty, it's like a poor ans version of Memphis Soul Stew by King Curtis, still its got a car on the album cover, listen and make your own mind up.

Colin September 2010