Bloom Shoulder To Cry On
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This single is called “Shoulder to Cry On. “ It has another two tracks on it: “Doctor” and Falling,” but they are not as involving as the actual single.

It was inspired by a story about a man that was to busy to go to his own wife’s funeral and the band believes it sums up all that is wrong with society today, the rush of getting things done, the “endless procession of tasks.” Over this loose base the lyrics are surprisingly personal; they invite the listener in again and again. The lyrics alone give it playback somehow filling together to make a great wall of harmony. It is sung with real feeling, the over tune is meaningful and compliments the singing, whilst the base and drums just solidify this approach without directing your listening away from it.

Whilst saying the single is the strongest of the 3 tracks, as it should be being the title track. My favourite is the second song “Doctor.” It is slightly downcast, whilst uplifting in the chorus.” The undertones link very nicely with the main melody and as the band quite rightly states; they open into a “classic rock anthem chorus sufficiently. It moves into an instrumental that adds more tune and depth to the chorus but this is not as good as another verse would have been, in my opinion. That is probably why it is not strong enough to be the title track but it is by no means just a boring filler.

The Third and final track “falling” sounds like a rock/dance tune,. I don’t know if this is the desire effect but it is good and listenable none the less. The lyrics are sung in a playful manner that symbolise the whole vibe given off by the song; the band having a laugh, and it is infectious. An original “feel good” song.

This single is therefore very good, this band has potential and with two listenable songs and a suitably good title track they could go on to do good things. The songs were recorded live to “get the right vibe” so the band are able to put a show on as well. A good debut by a potentially successful band.


Jake 14/03/2006

Bloom Mysapace