August 2010 Vinyls & Rarities
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This month we have decide to look forward and back to the V Festival and suggest out thoughts for an act that could have possibly been included. So in three sections below


IS - Paul Weller

Ok before I start perhaps he should have been my “WAS” As Paul Weller was headlining along with Pulp at the first V festival back in 1996 and has since appeared in 2006. One of the first LPs I bought in the Punk era was The Jam's “In The City “ the title track that was also a hit single back in 1977. I loved this album at the time and still do, not a bad track to be found. My selected track is “Away From The numbers” (click on image to play) but to to be quite honest I could have drawn the names out of a hat for my selection.

There is a Chelmsford connection with Paul Weller and that's his backing singer with his 80s band The Style Council. Her name was “Tracie Young” she was a Chelmsford girl who could often be seen  in the Golden Fleece, now a music venuce. The hit she sang backing vocal on was “ Speak like A Child“ as seen on Top Of The Pops in 1983.

She later went on to have a solo hit with the “House That jack Built”

Now she is a DJ on local radio station "Chelmsford Radio" 107.7fm.

I have since seen Weller many times and I thought his 2006 performance at V was appositely spot on, probably the best I have seen him. So for all ages at this years V my selection for “IS” is Paul Weller, "The Modfather"


Maurice Hyde August 2010

(Unfortunately I recently broke by Ankle that is painfully sore and in Plaster, so I will be unable to attend.)

IS - Eli Paperboy Read

I am looking forward to see Eli at V this year. Being a soul fan, his Saturday gig at Chelmsford will be the highlight of the weekend for me. He first came to my notice when he was featured on one of MOJO’s magazines CD’s about 2 years ago. The CD featured modern soul but done in the Rhythm and Blues style from the 60’s. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings also featured on this CD, who are well worth checking out as well. He has also been on Jools Holland and quite often tours Europe. I have picked the first track that I heard from him “Doin’ the boom boom.”(click on image to play) But if you have a chance listen to the James Brownesque “Explosion.” So for a bit of blue eyed soul and a good dance get to the Union tent and enjoy.

Duncan Egleton August 2010

WAS - Iggy Pop

Looking back at the V Festival's, I have to choose Iggy Pop as my most brilliant and my favourite act to have played the event. He played in the JIB arena tent and came on with the words “what the fuck do they want me here for” We were right near the front in the mosh pit area that was going crazy , it was rough down there and most of the crowd were 40s -50s I would say. My self and Duncan who was totally pissed pogoed and danced throughout the performance, it was incredibly exhausting.

Iggy Pop played all the classic including my favourite No Fun, I want to be your Dog, Im Bored, Lust For Life The Passenger, .At the end of the gig Duncan collapsed due to excessive amounts of Alcohol and suffering from exhaustion , and we missed the final act of the evening (The Killers) as I attempted to get him home.”

Maurice Hyde August 2010

WAS - Kula Shaker

My was group, go back to the very first V festival in 1996. There were a few bands I could have chosen from this festival, Supergrass, top of the bill Paul Weller but I have chosen English psych band Kula Shaker. This was just when they had just started, I am not sure if they had a record out then, but they made a great impression on me. The track I have picked is “Hey dude,” one of those songs that when it comes on, it has to turned up to full volume. The group were a throwback to the 60’s, playing hard rock, tinged with Indian instruments. The best bit of the day was trying herbal LSD with 2 policemen, who I went with. Probably the worst bit was they didn’t work. Kula Shaker have been to V since but never as good as that first time.

Duncan Egleton August 2010

SHOULD - New York Dolls

This year there is a lack of bands from the 70s and thinking of a viable act I have chosen The new York Dolls, as they are in the UK in August. The organisers could easily add the act as a late inclusion as I think they are free that weekend.. Having seen them recently in Camden I can recommend that anyone who likes Punk or The Rolling Stones should try see this band before they call it a day. The band from New York City formed in 1971 and paved the way for the New York Punk Scene along with the Romanes, Television, Talking head and Blonde. My favourite track that I have selected is called “Personality Crisis”. (click on image to play)

Maurice Hyde August 2010.

SHOULD - Patti Smith

Now for the hardest category, who you would like to see. This would be a great topic, who would you have at your own virtual festival? I didn’t know if I could pick ones from now or ones that had broke up or died. So I am going to ignore the Hendrix’s, Doors or Isaac Hayes as they have members who have sadly passed away. I will also pass over groups like The Stone Roses, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd as they are no longer going concerns. So who could I pick? I must admit Maurice’s, New York Dolls is an excellent choice, I would love to see Iggy Pop there again, but I will miss these out because I have seen them before. Therefore my choice would be queen of Punk, Patti Smith. “Gloria” is my fave song ever. “Horses” is a wonderful song and also an iconic album but off the Horses LP, I choose “Free money.” (click on image to play) A great song which like most of Patti’s songs from that era, start slow and build to a crescendo. So perhaps one day we might see Patti there.


Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop

In celebration of Maurice getting his plaster removed from his broken foot. I would like to dedicate Derrick Morgan’s skinhead classic the Moon hop. Apparently Mo has got a moon boot which he has to wear for the next 6 weeks. So if you see some one hopping about to the music, next week at the V festival , you’ll know who it is. I have had this record for nearly 40 years and still play it, great sound.

Duncan August 2010


Nice record review but unable to go due to the injury, Alex has my Saturday ticket and I have given the Sunday ticket to my daughter Isabella. Maurice