April Vinyl & Rarities SPAIN
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The Theme This Month Is Spain Due To Arsenal Playing Barcelona In The Quater Finals Of The Champions League.

AL Stewart The Border From The LP The Year Of The Cat. Click On LP Cover To Play.,
Duncan chose the theme for this months vinyl's and rarities as Spain due to the fact that Arsenal drew Barcelona in the semi finals and he's going.

I must admit its not easy thinking of a record with a Spanish theme that you may like , but I remembered I have the classic Album from Al Stewart “The Year Of The Cat” and on this LP is a track called “The Border” featuring Spanish Guitar. I bought this LP in a boot sale at St Johns Hospital about 10 years ago now, can't remember how much I paid but it wouldn't have been a lot as 50p then was my limit.

I had already heard this LP as they always played it on the good old love ship “Radio Caroline” back in them stormy days in the 70s when they shared the air wave with the Dutch service “Miamico”. The reason I think of Radio Caroline was because there mailing address was in the Costa Brava Spain at the time, this was due to legal reasons. Something to do with been a Pirate Station it was illegal to supply or board the ship from the UK so it was supplied and boarded from Spain.

“Loving Awareness Is Free”

Maurice April 2010

Mink Deville Spanish Stroll From The LP Cabetta. Click On LP Cover To Play
We saw Mink Deville at the Southend Kursall in about 1978 just as Spanish Stroll had entered the charts, Mink was the support band for Dr Feelgood. I remember the Kursaal was full when Mink came on as Feelgood fans including myself had made an effort to get in early to see the charting band as on the  Thursday night Spanish stroll was on Top Of The Pops. They were not disappointed, Mink and his band gave a brillent performance and had the Kursall in a mass jive when they performed Spanish Stroll. I bought the LP Cabetta some years after at a boot sale, dated 1977 on capitol records. A treasured vinyl record in my collection.

I was saddened last year in August when I herd the sad news that Mink Deville had passed away the cause was pancreatic cancer. He was 58, he had  a style of music crossing between Punk, Rhythm and Blues and Cajun he was certainly original and successfully emerged from the New York 1970s Punk and |New Wave scene. So glad we were lucky enough to have seen him at Southend as the memory of that evening will always be with me.

Maurice April 2010

The Clash Spanish Bombs From The LP Londons Calling Click On Cup To Play
This record is chosen due to my up and coming trip to Barcelona to watch the mighty Arsenal smash Barcelona. There were many Spanish songs to choose from, so it was a toss up between this one and “Club Tropicana” which reminds me off a holiday in Benidorm. This track comes of London’s Calling. It is supposedly one of the best albums ever. I wouldn’t say that myself but it’s not bad. I bought this when it came out and I think it was £2.99. I know it was unusual because it was cheap for a double album. The album is a good one though and has many a splendid track on it, my faves being “lost in a supermarket” “the right profile” “Brand new Cadillac” (which is played at the start of one of my favourite films, Party Party) and every time I go through Brixton (which is quite often) I always sing “the guns of Brixton” to myself.

I just hope this brings the Arse a bit of luck, but if not I wont be “Hateful” and will say to myself “I’m not down.”

Duncan April 2010

Due to the death of Malcome McLaren and that we are going to see the New York Dolls we have added the following.vinyl. Click on image to play.

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers

Chinese Rocks

I have picked this track for our up and coming night out on the 19th of May at the KOKO to see the lengendary New York Dolls. Johnny was the original guitarist of the Dolls who were managed sadly by the late Malcolm Mclaren, The Dolls were an anarchic mix of RnB, glam all done in a camp dressy up style. There were a lot of drugs about as well, if you look at the line ups it’s amazing to see how many of the band members have passed away. Anyway back to Mr Thunders, he was a big influence, as well as the New York Dolls to the up and coming punk bands from 1976. He and his band the Heartbreakers lived in England during this time and I believe they played with the Pistols. Having died a mysterious drug related death in 1991 Johnny Thunders lives on through his music.


Duncan April 2010

Jerry Byrne - Lights Out. (off subject) Click on image to play
 It’s getting to that time of the year when apple trees blossom. That’s right it’s May and the upcoming 17th Lee Brilleaux memorial will be at the Oysterfleet Hotel in sunny Canvey Island. While I was watching Oil City Confidential on BBC4 the other night, there was an old sight and sound in concert featuring Ian Dury and the Feelgoods. The good Doctors had Gypie Mayo on guitar and this must have been just after Wilko left as most of the songs were covers and none of Wilko’s. They did a great version of lights out, so I thought I would present the original (If it’s not the original, it must be cloe to it). How they sing that quick is a mystery to me. Anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy Canvey on the 7th of May.

Duncan May 2010

The Saints - (Iím) Stranded. Click on image to play
 How could you not have a worldwide disaster not covered by a track to commemorate the incident? The lava ash from Iceland seems to be causing a bit of a problem with our airplanes leaving many holiday makers stranded, as the planes can not fly. Every day on the news you hear that the date for flights to resume is put back yet again. Poor people are left having paid for a holiday not being able to take it. I do actually know one of my daughters friends has gone to the Canary Islands and has been stuck in a 5 star hotel with all of her meals as freebies. This sounds great, but now you hear that the insurance companies are thinking of not paying out as it is a possible act of God. One thing I have noticed is that it seems a lot quieter and the weather has been excellent. It seems strange to look in a perfect blue sky and see no vapour trails; therefore could we all be voting Green in the next election?

The other songs that could be used are maybe anything from 70’s pop group Eruption or possibly the superb 70’s blues rock band Trapeze with their rendition of “Black Cloud.” Perhaps a film would be in order “The day the earth stood still.” I have chosen the underrated Australian Punk band the Saints great song Stranded with the words that sum up a lot of peoples misery “Stranded far from home.”

Duncan April 2010