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JOANovARC The Bassment 02/12/16

How lucky we were that Joanovarc were able to include Chelmsford on there European tour to promote their new album "Ride Of Your Life" and the single ‘Live Rock n Roll’ Produced by Gil Norton (Foo Fihhters Producer) The album is available to buy at HMV stores UK and outlets around the world.

They are a four piece all female rock band that will not disappoint as these girls can play as we found out from the opening track, they have immense energy and the sound in the Bassment was perfect. As well as playing tracks from the new album there was a cover of Annie Lennox 'Sweet Dreams' that was a delightful surprise.

As the evening went on I looked around at the audience to see that everyone was rocking along and smiling with the lovely drummer Deborah Wildish who made me feel very happy, rarely do you see a drummer look so relaxed and happy she had a mirror effect.on those watching. On lead vocals and bass guitar was Sam Walker with Shelly Walker on lead guitar at times these girls were bouncing together in perfect synchronization. On Rythmn guitar was local Colchester girl Laura Azholl.

How delighted I was with the penultimate track 'Free Bird' a record I bought all the way back in 1976 on 12"vinyl that I have now practically worn out, but these girls made it come alive again, with vocals sung by Laura. We got the the full version, I turned and looked at 'Ash' a mate of mine and he had a smile on his face like a child opening his Christmas presents. They finished off with Led Zeppelin's - 'Whole Lotta Love' that had the floor bouncing but you have to be careful if your tall in the bassment due to the low ceiling beams.

Many Thanks to David Wheelhouse (Shakey) and Jon Morter for making this gig possible.

Photo's Paul Eagle & Maurice Hyde 

Maurice Hyde November 2016